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GST Registration

The process of GST registration can be described as one whereby you register for GST (goods and services tax). As per new rules that are supposed to come into effect from 1st April 2019 if your turnover in a year exceeds INR 40 lakh you would have to register for GST in Bangalore. However, if you are a business in one of the hill states including the ones in northeastern India you would have to apply for this particular registration if your business earnings exceed INR 20 lakh in a year.

There are certain businesses for which GST registration is mandatory. If these businesses carry on without such registration it would be regarded as an act of crime and they would be liable to pay some heavy penalties.

Documents Needed

PAN Card

Address proof

Aadhaar Card

Bank account statement or cancelled cheque

Incorporation certificate or any other proof of business registration

Digital signature

Identity and address proof of directors and promoters with photographs

Board resolution or letter of authorization for authorized signatory

Process Of Registration

Discover the benefits of GST registration!
There are several benefits of registering for GST for all businesses in India.

  • It reduced cascading and multiplicity of taxes for consumers and businesses

  • If you are an eligible business you would be able to get input tax credit, sell interstate without any constraint at all, etc.

  • As a composition dealer you would have to deal with lesser compliance related restrictions when you register for GST. There would be lesser tax liability, and you would have access to higher working capital.

  • Even if you earn less than 40 lakh a year or 10 lakh a year, provided you are registered in the hill states, you can still register for GST. This way you would be able to claim input tax credit and also sell in other states without any issues at all. You would be able to register on ecommerce websites and this would provide you a competitive edge over others of your ilk. So, as you can see, there are plenty of benefits of registering for GST and this is why you should be doing it as well.

  • Simple and seamless online procedure from registration to filing returns

  • Systematic process & less number of compliances under GST now (i.e. monthly, quarterly and annually as per the business nature and its turnover)

Frequently Asked Questions

After successful completion of GST application, the department will be assigned a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number to your business name, it is also known as GSTIN.

In GST regime, when a business exceeds its turnover Rs. 20 lakhs (Rs. 10 lakhs for North-Eastern and hilly area States) is compulsorily required to register under GST. In another case, if the businesses supply taxable goods and/or services, they need to get registration under GST.

Yes, it is compulsory for the taxpayers who overcome/ surpass the annual thresholds of Rs. 20 lakhs. If you violate the law, you might be penalized for that.

Not required. If he/she is trading with 100% exempted supply of goods/ services, no need to register for GST irrespective of annual turnover.

No, the dealer can’t do so as per the law. In this case, the supplier has to take registration for inter-State supplies irrespective of his/her turnover.

For an example: Basically this composition scheme is opting by the following business people:
(a) Bakery, (b) Restaurant and etc.

No, a person/ business without GST registration can neither collect GST from his/ its customers nor claim any input tax credit (ITC) of GST paid by him.

No, if the business has multiple locations & supply center in other State; it has to get registration in each State as per the requirements. If you’re supplying from only one location then one registration is enough to clarify it.

Yes, exports will be treated as zero rated supplies. The exporter needs to register for GST to claim refunds of ITC..

Any taxable person or businesses supplying goods and services for business/ trading meets financial turnover more than Rs. 20 lakhs annually, they must have to acquire GST registration as per law.

No fee is required to register under Govt. official GST portal, means it is free of cost. But the agencies/ professionals could charge some amount to make complete your registration process.

It takes 3-7 working days from date of application to get the GSTIN number. When we’re applying it, we’re getting GST number in same day or next day. If the department does re-verification, it could take some days to get it.

To do or obtain registration, you’ve to visit official website of GST and under the Services menu tab, choose Services > Registration > New Registration and fill all the details. But before this you must need a valid Mobile Number, Email Address, PAN and business details.

1. Enter into GST portal, move over your mouse to Services menu and click on Track Application Status (Services > Registration > Track Application Status).

2. Enter ARN (Application Reference Number) and click on SEARCH button, then you’ll be find your
status as Approved or Under Review.

1. Login to GST portal with your Username and Password

2. Go to Services > User Services > View/ Download Certificates

3. Click on Download icon, you’ll get the certificate of your business

A taxpayer can make request to cancel the GST due to not meeting the turnover Rs. 20 lakhs or any other cases. And also the legal heirs can make a cancellation application in case of death of a taxpayer.

To make cancellation of GST, you’ve to follow the certain process and it will take minimum 15-30 days to verify and approve the cancellation.

1. Go to GST Portal, login with Username and Password and enter into your account.

2. Click on “Application for Cancellation of Registration” which comes under Services and Registration (Services > Registration > Application for Cancellation of Registration) and then fill Basic Details, Cancellation Details and do Verification by filing with DSC/ OTP. Then you’ll be informed by email from GST Department regarding your cancellation on time basis.